Friday, 26 May 2017

How is Your Good Health Linked to Teeth?

If you are not clear about the link of your overall health with teeth, you may understand it if you recall how your dentist asks you questions about the health when you go for the dentist checkups. The same goes for the teeth whitening kit as well. Some of the dentists may show interest in asking the question related to diabetes and heart-related diseases to gain insights about your health and dental conditions. This means that it is necessary to highlight the connection of health with the dental health. In other words, you may take the teeth for granted; however, if anything goes wrong with it, you may get to know how important it is to maintain oral health.

According to the experts, if someone has poor or unhealthy teeth, the effects of it will make the overall health of the person prone to risk. For instance, the mouth of almost every person has a number of bacteria and if the brushing is not done or you skip the flossing, the diseases can nurture in the mouth. Likewise, the same bacteria can combine with the starch or sugar to increase the level of acid and toxic substances in the mouth. As a result, your gums may be vulnerable to it. Moreover, some of the patients may complain about the inflammation and pain in the jaw bone area. This condition is also called as periodontitis. Hence, the problems of the gums are probably one of the common dental problems.

Even though it is not proven, however, some of the researchers have found a connection between gum diseases and various heart conditions.  For example, more than 91% of the people who have heart problems also have grave gum issues and the tendency to have the heart attack is more than other conditions. Some of the experts believe that it has got a lot to do with the inflammation. For instance, inflammation in the mouth and inflammation of the blood vessels can contribute to this problem. The argument is based on the blockage of the blood vessels, as the oxygen flow to the important organs gets disturbed and the nutrients are not reached where they should. Therefore, people become prone to the strokes and heart attacks.

In addition, the inflammation in the mouth can increase the potential of the bacteria to go into the blood stream, which can prove hazardous for the body functions. For example, the infections in the body may increase and the harmful effects to the heart or kidney will multiply the diseases. If people are not good at maintaining the oral health, the stable amount of sugar in the diabetic patients becomes hard. Similarly, if you are someone who does not have the disease, you may increase the likelihood of it by not paying attention to oral health. Therefore, the vicious circle of diseases and oral health will keep happening.

You may be surprised to know that many gum diseases are associated with the possibility of premature birth or low weight. Likewise, the cases of the weak bones and diseases of respiration are mentioned by some of the experts in studies. In simple words, if you are someone who has the tendency to develope certain serious diseases or if you fear that you may have them, it is best to go to the dentist and keep getting detailed checkups to remove the possibilities or get the treatments on time.

There is a school of thought that endorses the safeguard of mouth from the infections, as it is the entry point for many germs and infection into the body of a person. This means that if your oral health is not up to the mark, the defense of your body can not be maintained, as the mouth bacteria can reach the blood vessels and other significant organs or systems of the body. Therefore, the oral health is not limited to the mouth; it has a strong connection with rest of your body. Moreover, some of the medications can decrease the production of saliva in the mouth. This means that the neutrality of the mouth and acid levels may not be maintained. As a consequence, the acid will start accumulating in the mouth and the teeth will get damaged. The gum diseases caused by the bacteria contribute directly to increasing the inflammation and the chronic diseases like HIV are also few of the contributing variables in terms reducing the tendency of the body to fight the infections and aggravating the dental problems.

The saliva in your mouth can help to find out the additional problems in the body. For instance, if you doctor collects the saliva to conduct the test, he/she may be able to find out the level of cortisol to measure the response of your body towards stress and it is best for testing the stress related problems in the children. Similarly, the small segments of the bone-related protein can guide the doctors in examining the nature of the bone problems or weakening in the women. In addition, specific types of cancer can also be detected.

The tests of drug levels and environmental pollutants are also checked if the saliva sample is taken from your mouth in the best manner. Moreover, some of the countries have managed to look for the HIV-antibodies which are achieved by the help of the easy to use saliva kits and progress in the medicine. Therefore, it would not be wrong to claim that saliva testing may replace the blood testing in order to find out the possibility of diabetes in the patients. Furthermore, the same kit can be used for the diseases of the liver and Parkinson.

The defense system of the body depends on the saliva to a large extent. For instance, the protections against the bacteria and some kinds of viruses are the important factors. One of the reasons is that saliva has antibodies that may fight the pathogens responsible for HIV and cold. The presence of protein histatins prevents the growth of the fungus as well. However, if the protein present in the saliva is not produced up to the required level, the germs for cold and HIV infections can mature in addition to leading you to the fungal diseases. The role of enzymes in the saliva is another element which can control the bacteria responsible for ruining the metabolism and disrupting the body functions.

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